• Good morning! Spring truly is here as my iris are budding.

    Have sold about $350 worth of glass, old posters, coins, MAD magazines...a lot of this is from drawer cleaning. Things I haven't looked at in eons.

  • KATIE, AS A business they have to have a phone, the phone directory assistant might give it to you..

    We have been getting snow for the last 3 days and right now it let up but suppose to start tomorrow again.. I think we have about 8" except where the wind has piled it up to 12" I think its suppose to warm up to teh 20* next week.. Our water froze in downstairs bathroom so we are leaving that on a slow drip..

    Bout bed time, into a James Patterson Book, about 2/3 through.. Pretty good.. I woke up last night and read for 1.5 hours.. than back to sleep..
    I went out the day the snow started and spent over 200.00 on groceries I figured it would hold us until it lets up..

    Take care.. Stay warm.. That snow is coming down out of the North it probably hit you before it hit us, we are on the other side of Lake Erie.. Sometimes it protects us, then other times, it dumps on us.. But not as bad as Buffalo.. LOL

  • Shelly my cousin lives in Canton but this address is way out in the woods, kind of "Deliverance" country. There was no phone number associated with the company.

    It if finally above freezing but we're back in the deep freeze tomorrow and then MORE SNOW.

  • KATIE got address of business; but not phone number. 605 Nations Dr. Canton, Ga 30114 You might already have that tho..

  • HI KATIE, ARE YOU GOING TO try and contact ZACH? Since he must have a business phone, and you have been in the area of Susans house, you could tell him you are a friend and several of us have been wondering what happened with her.. Hopefully she will be able to go back home soon.. Someone surely must have information, if she was living when she went wherrever she is, She would have given them a contact number..
    I am sure he must have a business address / phone number on line in that Ga. area..

    Glad you found out that much, I always figured years ago, I should have been a detective.. Now you too.. Too bad we are not younger.. LOL
    Will check back in a few days..

  • Shelly, Zachary Williams is a neighbor of Susan's and also owns a company, Rivers Edge Construction. I don't have a phone number but I bet this is Zac.

    So far Susan still owns the house, so I assume she is alive but just for whatever reason not communicating. I can't seem to get anywhere past this information.

  • Good news! It's 7 above! I have not stuck my nose outside since Friday!

  • Greetings from FROZEN Missouri. We have had snow, ice, 40 MPH winds and subzero temps. I think we broke a record for lowest HIGH temp for a single day. It's still i the minuses and I am hoping by Tuesday to be on the plus side as I not only have cookware that I sold to be picked up but we have a VA appointment.

    I just rode 15 minutes on my Ergociser!

    i Checked SUsans posts Just one until I found her neighbors name, " ZAC " if this helps do not see or did not check to see if he has a last name posted..

    I took the bird feed out about mid-afternoon yesterday & heard something in the leaves. Took a good look & saw 3 deer on the east side of the ravine. I'd been worried since I haven't seen any deer in quite some time. Zac tells me we have coyotes moving into the area. I haven't seem or heard any but when I'm reading (which is most of the time) I lose track of the outside world.

  • Hi everyone. With the aid of Googlemaps I was able to find Susan's house and Bear's old trailer. Way out in the woods at the end of a long woodsy road with a lot of trailers. Quite a ways north of her town. I found nothing else. No neighbors nearby. House not on the market. Anyone remember the fellow who helped her?

  • Thanks for the Happy Birthday KATIE, it was Great.. Two of my Best Friends.. Lots of friends but only 3 besties.. and I went out to Red Lobster for lunch.. My Treat.. I had gift cards from last Christmas, Terry says might as well use them.. He rarely goes anywhere outside of our small town.. He hates going to the Mall area.. We enjoyed it.. Friend got me 5 lottery tickets I won, 2.00.. LOL 😉 I got flowers from my Son, Candy from Grandson, Gift Card for Ebay from another Son. My Monogrammed Drinking Mug Candy from my Hubby, and goodness, thats all I can think of, but More Candy then I need, I had been good an not eating sweets..

    Have a Great Holiday Katie, and anyone else peeking in..

  • Hi KATIE, You got a real tree? We have not had one in over 30 yrs due to step son having so many allergies, One of them is PINE.. I remember when we were first married and he came to live with us, I did not know all of his allergies, but PB and Corn.. but soon learned when I cleaned he was allergic to Pine Sol.. Had to take him to a friends house to spend the night until I could air the house out..

    So sad to hear SUSAN is MIA She may now be in the Nursing Home with Bear.. Too bad her claimed Nieces could not give us a response.. or Neighbor.. I already told my son, to respond here if I should pass.
    The way things are going I might outlast them.. I am trying to hold it all together and be strong for them..

    I keep telling Terry, we should go get a will done, and make funeral arrangements so they are not stuck with it.. I have some insurance, but he doesn't, says there is enough money there to take care of it.. Thats money I would have to live on, should I out live him.. If not when he passes whats left goes to the kids.. ALL 6 of Them..

    Hoping all take the immediate things taken care of.. Don't do as we do..

  • Her phone number came up as invalid and her email bounced back.

  • Good morning!

    I wish we had some way to contact Susan. I wonder where the heck she is??

    Happy Birthday! I am so sad your children are not doing very well.

    Got the tree home and it is soaking up a bucket of water.

  • HI KATIE, I guess I forgot you were going away or did not pay attention, My Memory Span is not always working for me.. Glad you are home safe.. Know how those unexpected snow storms can come as a surprise when traveling.. Begged my husband to get a motel once on teh way home from Fl.. but he insisted on driving straight through Pittsburgh.. So I tried to steer him out of the fields as we drove through.. We did make it home safely. Glad you made it home safely too..
    Sorry about your friends passing and the other ill.. It seems when we get at this age it is natural for some not to make it as long as we have or else they are older..

    Well things are not good with my sons either.. Oldest one told he probably has a year left, due to his kidneys.. He will know more on the 20th.. 3rd son, will have one of his kidneys removed in Feb.. Doc thinks its cancerous.. Than of Course 4th son with his COPD and Cancer in his Lungs, is tired of fighting it all.. Doing Oxygen 24/7. We did move him downstairs so he does not have to climb stairs anymore if he wants to get up and about at all.. At least he can reach the refrig. & microwave if he wants anything.. #2 Son is still battling some after effects from the Covid, but he says he is fine. Since he lives in Ga. I guess I have to take his word.

    Friday is my BD and I am taking my friends out to lunch.. since I have so many gift cards we have not used..
    Suppose to be good weather, going to take advantage of it.. Its beautiful out today also.. So much going on in this world of ours, its hard telling what tomorrow brings..

    Take care Katie, I can we can count Susan out huh? Shame no one can let us know whats going on with her..
    Take care, Be Safe..

  • Good morning all! Sorry I have been MIA. We had a lovely trip to NC and GA, and returned safely. Weather except for two days was perfect. We flew into a snowstorm in Chicago but it blew away and the sun came out for our final leg home.

    Thanksgiving brought 7 to my table including two "onlies" and they always are welcome.

    Since then I have a dear friend in hospital and not doing well, and another who died suddenly. I will miss this wonderful spirit who always made everyone smile.



  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAIL.. PRAY You have a wonderful day..

  • Katie, Yes I had given you Susans last name. ( Beshears ) But just sent you an email with all the info I have.. Hope you hear something.. Let me know if you do not get it..

  • Good evening. Shelly I heard nothing from Susan. I hope she is okay. Did you give me her last name?

  • HI KATIE, Wondered where you were, was worried about you or Mike, not knowing you were just busy selling.. Nice you could help out. Sad to see treasures go for absolutely cheap prices, but sometimes we have no options.

    Hmm maybe I should call a dealer.. I called about getting an appt. to take things to the Auction House, they are booked up for all of Oct. and closing down for the winter months.. So I will have to keep it all packed away here or find another outlet..

    I am presuming you never were able to contact SUSAN either huh? Sad, I hope she is somewhere improving in health.. Take care Katie..

  • Good morning! Shelly, she had a ton of costume. The estate sale gal priced everything so high nobody bought much even for half price day. Prices were absurd. Thankfully neighbor did NOT then sell "everything left" to a dealer as suggested to her, and I have managed to sell some of it for her.

  • OH KATIE that is beautiful, such nice condition for its age too.. I am sure that would sell for you, when your ready to part with it.. Did she have Jewelry? Thats what I have been busy with lately, plus numerous other things. I just looked those Hall Teapots that sold on Ebay, Goodness, some I never knew they were ever made, AMAZING.. The Hall Teapots sold anywhere from 3.00 to over 200.00 depending on style, rarity, and if Lids included, or not.. Did you know they made a Ronald Reagan one? or a Sherlock Holmes one? Me Either..

    Any luck hearing from or about SUSAN?

  • Good morning! My neighbor's daughter held an estate sale for her parents' things. I bought this!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANICE, Often wonder if you are still selling on Ebay.. I know many have given it up but still some of us its in our blood.. Wishing you well, and Great Sales..

  • HI KATIE that is dangerous stuff then. I had never heard of it.. I see around here the Mosquitos are infected with whatever it is they are infested with that they can pass around to humans they bite.. if it isn't one thing its another.. I am presuming you have to be forever Vigilant especially if you go to a picnic where everyone brings a dish..

    Well I hope you have better luck getting ahold of Susan then I had.. Concerned she could be in a nursing home, or worse.. wish we had asked her if we could contact her neighbor or niece, if she seemed to have vanished..

    Your Mom must have been a good cook.. Me not so much, BUT my Mother was too.. She could fix Rabbit and it tasted like Chicken.. Tho she cooked liver and I Never liked that.. BUT I did find out a few years ago from a friend who was an expert at fixing Venison Liver.. He said teh secret was soaking it in Milk.. he gave me a taste because he knew I did not like it, and I was surprised, it tasted pretty good, but I am still not eating it.. I am not fond of the idea of eating organs of any animal..

    Have a good week.. Take care of yourself and Mike..

    Will check in later..

  • Alpha-gal means if I eat anything mammal including gelatine (they even put that in shots so I have to ask) it can put me in the hospital or worse. And not right away. The reaction is delayed about 2-8 hours. It's acquired by a tick bite.

    I like fresh fish. My mother, a New Englander, knew how to make fish tasty even for kids. Most people over cook fish and it tastes and smells terrible.

    I will try Susan's email.

  • OH KATIE what does that mean ALPHA GAL SYNDROME?
    Does it mean if you eat meat you will want to attacked people? Probably not, but never heard of it.. but know Red meat is bad for Arthritis.. Son is good eating Sardines, Salmon, or any fish.. I have Arthritis too, just only one kind and not as bad as sons is.. Only Long Johns fish tho.. no other.. Do not like taste or smell.. I do eat Tuna Fish Salad..

  • HI KATIE, CAR looks good, is that a Suburu ? I heard they are a good car and last forever.. but hey. time to treat yourself..

    Nice your son got his things out of your Garage, one less worry for you..
    I have a garage full of tools that belong to my son, Not sure what he wants done with those.. I know he has sold a few things here and there.

    SUSANS email.. WhoDat.. ls here.. let us know if you get a reply..


  • Morning!!

    Shelly thank you!!! Can you send me Susan's email?

    Because I have Alpha-gal syndrome I can not eat red meat or consume anything from a mammal. I also have to avoid wheat. I found Schar's gluten free deli bread to be okay. I make a Boar's Head turkey sandwich, toasted in the oven, with it. Add mustard, mayo & pickles and it's pretty good.

    Son FINALLY took most of his stuff from the garage. Maybe a new car IS in my future. Washed and shined up the old one yesterday. $1 VIP wash at Club Car Wash.

  • I GOT SUSANS PARTIAL ADDRESS, AND EMAIL from MAX, looked it up on the interenet and found a Phone number, so I called.. the phone rang and rang and finally an answer machine, not sure anyone is living there or at home.. Asked her to check in here because those of us here are worried about her.. So we shall see..

  • HI KATIE, Thanks, glad you heard from her and pray she is recovering 100%.. Would be nice if she dropped in..

    My GS is here staying for a short time, I think. He is looking for a house to by, with some land.. Wishing him well.. He just moved back home here from South Dakota.. Has to be better here then there, I am thinking..
    He is my sons son, who is also here living with us, and still going thorugh his Cancer treatments Twice a month.. he is so Thin, and not all that interested in Eating, but I try to keep after him, he has to eat something, but is trying to stick to Gluten Free, Foods.. No Bread.. Gluten Free Breadk, is tasteless he says.. I just bought Barillas Pasta tonight that is Gluten Free, So he can eat that.. He loves Pasta.. He is eating a lot of seafood, the Reg. Pasta and Bread & Red Meats play havoc with his Arthritis so he is trying to eat healthy and thus far it seems to be beneficial.. Before his joints would swell up twice thier size and very painful.. He has Both kinds of Arthritis, thats where the problem lies..

    So have been busy here.. Will try to stop back in, in a few days/weeks. Would really like to know how SUSAN is doing.. and pray she is OK.. You Too Katey, and Mike..

    take care

  • Good afternoon. Shelly, I heard from Tincey. She just had thyroid surgery, poor thing.

  • Good morning. I delivered recycling (City stopped picking up), mailed my mortgage payment, and dropped off a bag at TheWardrobe.

    I figure anything out is a good thing. It's raining!!!

  • KATIE, I just went to my member page and for any member they can see my email address in my Profile. I just added it for this exact reason.. Not sure if it was allowed, but figure I am safe if only members here can see it.. no outsiders.. So if I come up missing, Dead or alive, someone myself or family will see my emails.. Shelly

  • KATIE, Tho we know SUSAN lived in Ga. I have no idea of her last name nor even the town she is from.. Sad we do not have any useful information on so many of those who have left this site for one reason or another.. I will check with Max, but I do not think she has any info either..

    Yes I hear you Katie, I am sure there is a lonely dog out there somewhere looking for a Forever Home.. I hope you find him while Mike and You, are still able to enjoy him/her.. Good luck on getting rid of stuff.. I keep seeming to acquire more stuff.. Tied up right now trying to sell and sort Jewelry my friend gave me, so her husbands family did not get it.. Made about 3000.00 off of it thus far..

    Storm knocked out my PC internet, and my phone is full of static, Thursday night.. Verizon will be here Tomorrow morning to fix it for good, I hope.. Internet has been intermittent but phone constantly noisy, with static..

  • Shelly does anyone have Susan's contact information?

    Still keeping an eye on the shelter sites, you never know when that right doggy will come along.

    Meanwhile selling and giving away everything.

  • HI KATIE, I Remember a CATHY, remember her going to live in senor apartment, but not sure what happened to her after that.. I remember also she had a couple of Grandsons she doted on.. I do pray she is ok..

    How are you folks doing. ok. Do you and Mike get out much.. any new prospects for another Dog?
    Surely that would brighten up both of your lives.. Nothing like a toddler or a pet to brighten up your days..

    Worried we have not heard anything from SUSAN.. Pray she has recovered..

    I heard from MAX, she is just now starting to get the rest of her repairs done after that Hurricane last spring was it?

    Sons are still holding their own with their Cancer diagnosis, one worse then the other, but he and I are planning a trip to visit a friend next week after his next treatment if he is feeling up to it.. Just for a change of scenery and to get him out of the house..

    You folks all take care..

  • Potties, who was Cathydid? I just ran across a note from her from twenty years ago!!

  • Good afternoon. Shelly it just wan't meant to be I suppose.

  • KATIE SO sorry to hear that, Maybe next time.. At Least you can pray she will be well taken care of and loved.. ...

  • Good afternoon!

    Shelly we did not get the little Cocker. She looked so like old Maggy. But it was just not in the stars. Someone else was ahead of us.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYNE.. I hope you are celebrating somewhere with loved ones.. Since we have no idea what happened to you.. If your Fine, Stop in and say hello.. So few of us left,We need moral support..

    KATIE, So by the time you get to read this, maybe you will have a new addition to the family.. Is the new guy the same breed as BOSS was? I hope he is gentle and loveable.. Let us know how well he behaves.. Hoping Mike loves him too. and that he is doing better.

    SUSAN,. Another thought, IF YOU DO HAVE WELL WATER, be sure to mention it to your neighbor you could both be on the same water line, and his well would need treated as well, since you are both so close.. Hope your feeling better by now.. and get back here soon..

    My company is all gone, home for family get together.. Next Month is my Mothers family reunion and my other son from Florida will be home.. He could not make it this past week for a family get together as his wife had cataract surgery.. Looking forward to seeing him too..

    Thats All Folks!

  • Afternoon!

    It's been a year since Boss died. I am going to meet a little blonde Cocker at the Humane Society Monday. I will take the harness and leash just in case.I saved his dog beds. I will also put the seat cover in the back seat. If she has been spoken for they will let me know. The only thing I need are new dog bowls.

    Susan please come back and tell us how you are. We treat our well twice a year.

    Going through my parents' collection of WWII newspapers. Also some from the JFK assassination, and 1957 integration. Sold the Moon Landing ones.

  • SUSAN, do you have well water? maybe need to add some clorox in it.. You can get Chirros from bad water.. Hope you get better soon.. Hugs

  • Hi Potttes! Been a rough couple of months here - 4 days in the hospital in late May - treated like a queen. Have my doctor baffled - never had hepatitis & rarely drink but have cirrosis? Will try & check in again soon. Later.

  • KATE: Good to hear the pneumonia is gone, Seems like there is always something huh? How are you yourself holding up.. sorry to hear about your BIL, as we get older everyone else is too.. and its normal to be losing so many loved ones around us, either they go or we do.. So luckily we are still here to support the rest of the family.

    My Dear Life time Friend Down state, Just told me her husband is going into hospice, Glad I called her, but I am sure she did not get much sleep last night. or. until she adjusts to the new idea.. She is dreading telling his children as they will blame it on her..

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEON, Hope it is a wonderful day for you.

    I hope everyone else is doing fine here.. Tho makes you wonder when they no longer post..

  • Good afternoon!

    Shelly it is so hard to watch your children undergoing things like that. They are always little kids in our eyes.

    Pneumonia appears to be gone so thank goodness for that. Now my dear BIL is in hospice and likely to be gone soon.

    I love him dearly. We lost touch a little during COVID and the beginnings of his dementia. I regret that.

  • Oh My Son finished his 5 weeks of Chemo & Radiation treatments and just had a Cat Scan done and seen his Cancer Doc. he says they have made progress, but not in remission.. He has to have a year of infusions every 2 weeks, So hopefully that will be easier on him then the other treatments, He is weak, and tired, a lot but still moving.. He still has some hair, not sure if he will lose it all now.. but at least he could wear a hat if needed.. My other son with Lukemia is doing well, but still taking Chemo pills, it makes him tired, but he is still active. Not one to set around, but needs a nap every day., but he looks good and I am Thankful..

  • Hello KATIE & SUSAN, Good to see you posting.. Not many of us left is there, and I am sure you thought I was gone too..
    Heard from Max, she cannot figure how to get back on here.. Not sure how to help her there. I told her once to contact Curt, he might have some suggestions for her.. I will try that once again.

    Hope the Pneumonia is all gone on those suffering, and Pray Mike is improving..
    SUSAN wishing you well. How is the flowers, fish & birds doing in your back yard?
    KATIE, Thats wise to get a young man to help with your Pruning.. I have a flower garden fast becoming a jungle..
    Not sure if you know what lucust trees are but they are hard to kill they get thorns on them too, so hard to handle or extract.. Even when cut down the roots sprout up all over the place, and they found a home in my flower garden, soon to be a jungle.. or forest. Our guy who cuts teh grass is so busy, he does not have time, no idea what to do about the jungle.. Also the Ground Hogs have made holes all over it, especially under the propane tank.. No idea how to rid them.. Terry use to shoot them before we got the propane tank, but now too close to the tank to chance shooting them.. Can you imagine the big explosion. and Emergency vehicles being dispatched here..

    Well better days ahead.. Have to take Terry to VA on thursday to have cataracts removed. one at a time.. but it gives me 3 hours to figure what to do while waiting for him.

    You all take care.. Shelly

  • Good morning! Hi Susan! I hope all is well now but can sympathize about those rough days.

    This pneumonia is being stubborn but I am better. I hired a high school boy to help in the yard.

  • Hi Potties - Not dead yet but have had some rough days recently. Will try & do an update soon. Hope everybody is well.


  • Fire-King buyer is a no-show. It happens periodically. Maybe I should keep it!

  • Good afternoon! Just took a nice walk. This morning Mike had Parkinsons speech therapy which is helping a lot. This weekend I had a man come and cut back the honeysuckle and stack it and he will haul it away, We are negotiating a price.

    I already paid for the cut and stack.

    Selling a Fire-King bowl in the morning. One of my favorites but I have to cut down.

  • HI KATIE, Our Lilacs are just started to bud up.. so hopefully this coming week, i will be smelling ours too.. The Daffodils are too far in the back of the house for me to smell them.. but I see the Hydrangeas are just starting to sprout up out of the ground.. They planted 3 of them last year, I hope all 3 make it to bloom.. Pray you and Mike are doing ok, Any more word on if your moving or when? I know I would be dreading that idea of moving.. But I am sure if DH goes first I will be thinking of downsizing, and moving to a smaller place..

    We are doing ok here.. Son just finished his Radiation treatments and 2 more Chemo treatments before they start his Infusions.. His Throat & Back are so burned, from radiation its hard for him to eat or sleep.. His hair has gotten thin, but still covers his head, I guess it was a good thing he had a thick head of hair.. But he is toughing it out.. I want to hug him, for being so brave.. but last time I touched his back it hurt him..

    Hope all is well with the rest of you out there in Pottie land..

    Hey to SUSAN, MARSON, is there anyone else left out there? Wish there was a way to advertise this Chat board on Ebay.. Come to think of it, IS there a Community Board for Ebay?

  • Good morning! When I lugged the trash down the long hill the air was scented with daffodils and lilacs.

  • Got an email from REEN, She says her Birthday is May 4th.. I remember her mentioning that we had the wrong date, not sure how that happened, But thinking she is the only one that can change it.. But Know she appreciates you all thinking of her.. Gils is this month, again I believe she said the 21st.. Thankfully like the rest of us they are hanging in there..

    I hope all are well here.. and getting more of those warm breezes blowing through, its going to be warm here through Sunday up to mid 70s the rest of this week, and than next week down to the 40s & 50s.. We surely will be glad when Mother Nature quits teasing us.. All My daffodills are blooming and the Forsythias, the Lilacs just starting to green up a little..

  • Hi everyone.

    Yesterday I had to turn the AC on for a bit, today we are freezing our backsides off. The daffodils are going crazy!!!


    Hello to Gil as well as all the potties. Marson who's expecting a predictable snowstorm overnight or not. we'll see what happens

  • PS Yes I saw where your families community was ravaged during that storm, so sad.. Its happening all over the USA in one form or another either rain/floods, or winds.. Last year the fires.. Darned shame, I hope someone figures out whats going on or God just takes over and does his thing..

  • KATIE 😉 Sorry I guess I was thinking Gum Balls when i read your post and imagining them in Gum Ball Colors all over the ground.. We had Prickly balls that fell off a tree up here, forget where but Thinking when you broke them open there were Chestnuts inside.. Yep they were not fun to step on either..

  • Hi everyone.

    Shelly it's a Sweet Gum tree. And they come either with the brown pointy gum balls or none. The gum balls fall all over and get stuck in gutters and if you step on one you can break an ankle!

    Down in Arkansas the subdivision we lived in and my father developed (my mother named the streets) was flattened in the tornado.
    Daddy is long gone since 1984, but I know he would have been sad to see it.

  • Happy Birthday to ANN, wherever she is.. If she is In Heaven, I pray she is guarding all of her loved ones.. and thinking of her friends here on the Pottery Board.. You have been missed..

    KATIE, Never heard of a Gum Ball Tree.. are they colorful as well as a Nuisance ? Sorry they are a mess. would it help to have that tree cut down, and plant a new more practical tree, maybe a flowering tree? We too had some pretty horrific winds and rains the other day out of the West, but must have left all the hail for you.. Sad about all the bad weather causing so much Havoc in others lives.. and for most, so hard to rebuild.. Even if they have Insurance, like those in Fl. Hurricanes, the Insurance Companies not all that fast in helping to get the problem resolved.. Glad your windows did not break.. We had a few limbs down, but many lost trees and some homes that they fell on.. we were lucky here..

    Take care all..

  • Good morning! I found out that yesterday's tornado in Little Rock took out a whole neighborhood that my father developed in the 1960s and we lived in for about ten years.

    Here in MO we had so much hail I thought the windows would break. Son had damage to his 2 year old car.

    Hahaha Shelly that's pretty funny!

    Now the gum balls are from a sweet gum tree. The parents planted this dang thing. They could have bought a gum-ball-free version but this one was probably ten cents cheaper...It is a huge job every year raking them up.

  • Oh did you hear the Joke about the 3 friends talking.. One says, to the others.. what would you like people to say about you when your gone.. One said, I hope they say I was a nice Guy who Loved My Family. the next guy says, I hope they remember me as Good Christian Fella.. and the 3rd guy says, I hope they say, :" Oh Look he Moved"

  • KATIE i meant to ask last time, but forgot.. What are Gum Balls in your Garden.. you don't mean Moth Balls did you? And by Pollinators you mean Bees in the ground? I guess I have been away from my garden too long, its just one big area in back yard full of Brush.. I do see some sprouts shooting up, so maybe by Easter we might also have some daffodils. Than Tulips to follow along behind.. Its suppose to get up to 52* tomorrow.. Wahoo..

    SUSAN, Hope you up and around and taking care of all your critters, and posies.. you probably have a lot blooming by now.. Enjoy the sunshine.. I hope your doing well and you have some sales to keep you busy..

    Found Some Candle holders that go with my Haviland China, that I hardly ever use any more and never used the Candle Holders so sold them on Ebay.. 50.00 I was happy. Now have one of the Glass Pieces my friend gave me when I was down there last Nov.. A Viking Red Long Tail Bird.. got a bid for 75.00 ending in ah Hour.. So will probably be shipping that off..Wish we had good ole bidding wars like the old days.. I did not realize those Viking Birds were so sought after, they do not seem all that scarce..

    Well Over and Out.. Need to respond to Max email.. You Gals all take care, if any Guys are peeking in, Unless we lost them all.. We now know Gordon & Bob are gone and I believe Wes & Ken are also gone.. Well I am not ready, when its time I will go kicking and screaming.. I am Not Ready.. Be Back Soon..

  • HI MARSON, I hear you about those shooting.. It seems like it must be the water.. What is wrong with the mental health of people today.. Do they not know they are disturbed, and should seek help.. Or their parents not paying attention to what their kids are up to.. Sickening.. It did not use to be this way, what is happening with them? I cannot even fathom how someone doesn't notice whats going on and stop it before it happens.. Like they say if you see something report it.. Better to be safe than having young or old people paying the price, for ignorance. Makes me feel overwhelmed, when there is nothing you and I can do about it.. You Stay well, and Stay warm..

    KATIE, Good to see you too.. My daffodils or anything else has not even started to sprout yet.. Not enough sunshine I guess.. I will give them another month.. It says we can plant summer bulbs now, but I am not so sure.. I do have a lot on my plate Katie, but it happens, I just keep praying the Treatments my youngest is getting will save teh bell.. The Doc did say yesterday that the Mass on his one lung is breaking up.. So I hope it continues. The Doc was pleased.. On a positive note, I took my Grand daughter out to lunch today for her BD.. She is talking of moving back to Fl. with her Daughter and DD Fiance.. They do not like the snow.. LOL Oh well, I will enjoy them while I can.

    Got an email from Max Still has not gotten a lot of satisfaction from the Insurance Co. for the damage done during the hurricane.. She says some INS. Co. going out of business..
    I believe it too.. Can you imagine in Miss. where a whole town was wiped out.. Sad, and I pray this next weather pattern is not a repeat of last week.. Praying God is watching out over them.. So sad..

    Closing up, its been a long day.. You all take care..

  • The sun is shining, some ice is melting but it's going to be below zero today - with snow on the ground, below normal for this time of the year. Not much happening that's reportable on this side but prayers going out for the potties & those affected by the tornado in Mississippi and shooting of the children & teacher. When will this craziness stop, Marson

  • Good evening! I peek in here and there but don't see any activity very often.

    Shelly you have a lot on your plate right now. Prayers for both sons improved health and recovery.

    Our daffodils are busting out all over! And it was pleasant enough to work in the yard for two days. Don't want to rake too much because of pollinators...but did get up a LOT of gum balls and cut back some brush before it starts growing.

  • On another note, my Son, has just gone through his first 2 weeks of Radiation & Chemo and seems to be handling it ok, but the Docs told him the first two would be the easiest.. So we will just take each day one day at a time.. That's the son who lives with us.. My Other son, who has Leukemia and Lymphoma is doing ok on Chemo Pills. Doc said he will take those the rest of his life.. is doing Good, just tired much of the time.. So I am giving thanks, for him, and Praying a lot for the both of them.. Thank you for yours..

  • Just checking in and no ones home, Not sure whats happening I guess you all have given up on the board.. Sad.. But You all take care.. Maybe we need to draft new members.. Are we allowed to advertise this board, on Face Book Pottery Boards?

  • HI KATIE, THANK YOU SO MUCH ! Thank you for all the prayers too, I pray they are going to work. I really do not think he will come out on the other side, and just today he was in so much pain from the Arthritis, he could not get up to greet his kids..I think he would welcome the relief from all the pain. His joints swell up, and are so sore. His Chest hurts just from trying to keep breathing. So tomorrow after his Rad treatment we are going to a local rest. and have lunch with all of the kids.. Grandma's treat.. I have not seen them in about 10 yrs.. for the Boys, the Grand daughter I seen 7 yrs ago, when GG Grandson was 4 yrs. old..

    Happy to hear You are making some ocassional sales.. Nice to see some things go and money coming in. Ebay sales are not coming that quick, slow better then nothing..

    MIKE, still doing ok? I hope.. You ALL take care Here.. Will check in later in the week..

  • Hi everyone!

    Shelly I say a little prayer for your family. Especially your son who is so ill and going through so much. May he begin to heal soon and come out the other side. I know you worry.

    I did not know that about Gil's meds. They lost dear old Lizzie too. She was a cool dog.

    Getting older is not for the faint of heart, that's for sure.

    Sold a big 3 gallon crock, and a beach bag this past week.

  • HI KATIE, So glad your feeling better and Mike too, as if you two did not have enough to ponder over.. Goodness, What did you do to deserve all that?
    Hows the weather for you, one day its sunny the next it snows, cannot make up its mind for Spring to really get here or just choke our chain for another month or so.. Really cannot complain, tho we have had a mild winter over all.. Unlike Bflo. NY.. it started snowing this morn, around 8:00 on top of Green Grass, but mid afternoon, nary a blade of grass to be seen..

    My Grandkids are coming in Monday, I just pray they have safe trips here.. 2 are driving and one is flying, he will get a rental when he gets in. My son who lives with us, is pretty bad, he starts on Radiation on Monday for a month, then he starts on Chemo for 5 weeks.. Every day, except weekends, for 2 months.. the bad part he has to drive into Erie, Pa. for those days about 40 miles RT.. Sometimes its all he can do, to get out of bed in the morning, let alone dressed to go out. He is very tired, eats very little, his Arthritis is really acting up, Swollen joints and painful too. Arthritis Doc did give him a Cortisone shot when he went in the other day, hasn't helped much, Doc said he does not know what to give him, not knowing how it will react with his treatments.. I pray he gets through this.

    I see Susan must be busy in her Garden, transplanting and feeding the Fish & the Birds.. I surely hope her weather is co operating for her..

    Haven't heard from Max in a few weeks, I hope she is doing ok, and the Insurance people are helping her get the work done on their house.

    Heard from Reen a few weeks ago, She did not have much to say, but did say, the Experimental Drugs, Gil was taking are no longer available at reduced rates for them.. So that is a worry.. He was doing so good on it too..

    Nothing else going on here, except as usual I am still trying to get organized before the kids get here.. One is driving in from So.,Dakota, one from Fl. and one flying from Norfolk..

    Well I better save some news for the next time..

    Katie you take care and so glad to hear you are both better, just stay that way..

  • Morning everyone! We are negative at last. Back working in the yard and Mike is back in therapy.

  • Well! This is Day 11 after COVID symptoms began. Tested positive that Monday, Mike followed suit two days later. Light fever, gnarly cough, and I had two days of feeling like I had the flu. Remember I have to look after him so I couldn't just crawl into bed.

    Thankfully I had plenty of soup, and friends and family brought things like rotisserie chicken. I had a big bag of California oranges and two big bottles of lemonade so we stayed full and hydrated. Took extra C and zinc. Did a lot of sleeping. Fever was gone in two days, and cough vanished soon after. I did find generic guaiafenesen and dextromethorphan with nothing else in it so started that day 1.

    I am hearing from friends who are still coughing after weeks, so I am so lucky.

  • Morning all! 1 week into Parkinsons BIG therapy. I know it is helping!

    Weather here has been more like March.

    Sold a 3 gallon Pittsburgh pottery crock and my beautiful vanity tray.

  • Wouldn't you know it, had a post ready to send, when I seen the BD wishes, and went to see who they were, and poof I lost it all.. I think its time we weeded out the Old names over 7 yrs old.. Never heard of those names on the side has anyone else?

    Well good to see both KATIE, & SUSAN signing in.. I have been on this thing all day, typing up listings, and just not in the mood to type that all over again.. So Gals be safe, stay well.. will be back, another day.. Shelly

  • Good afternoon.

    Just sold a jadite Fire-King bowl. The flow blue fetched $70. Doing way better than eBay minus the hassles.

    I am a little blue thinking of all the potties who have gone "to their reward" as my mother used to say. I probably will not get another dog as I don't want to worry about what would happen to it were I to vanish.

  • Hi Potties!

    Shelly - Thanks for tracking down the information on Gordon. I knew Sylvia had passed a few months back. Thought it was really unkind of her family to kick him to the curb after he looked after her with such kindness. I do hope the friend who has the puppies loves them nearly as much as he did. I choose to think that now he's reunited with Hugo, Snow, Nice & Easy.

    A week of rain ahead & somewhat warm so I've moved the ferns out on the deck for a bit of sun & a long cool drink. Now if I can get Zac to put the bags of books in the car for delivery to the library donation box. Once that's done I'll try & sweet talk him into putting a small chest into the car to replace one that sold in the booth this earlier this month.

    I have clumps of daffodils blooming around the yard. None in sight at the old house when I was over there last week. I think it's a bit cooler on that side of the ridge than it is over here.

    Hope everyone is well - warm & dry. Later.


  • Hi ALL, just got out of bed, went early to read.. and could not sleep..

    I did a search on Face Book for friends of Gordons and came up with several names, but only one has responded thus far.. So here it is and we now know for sure.. I asked about Sylvia & Gordon and his Dogs..

    Nerida  Grewal, 
     Hi Shelly. I’m so sorry but both have passed. We had left a message pinned up in the groups for about 3months which I’m sorry you had missed seeing. Sylvia died and her family asked Gordon to move out so he went into a caravan park. Then it was only a few weeks later before Gordon passed away suddenly too. Someone that was a good friend of Gordon now has his dogs. Sylvia’s family have her home and cats etc. it is so very sad and we all miss them a lot ! I am now admin for all Gordon’s photo groups, which Gordon & I thankfully had arranged not long before he died. He had not mentioned the ebay to me, just the photo groups so I am sorry I didn’t know to pass that on to your group

    so he is finally in his final resting place, and Dogs being hopefully being taken care of.. Will check in soon again..

  • Hi Potties. We're alternating between cold & rain. The birds are vacuuming up seed like it will be illegal tomorrow.

    Katie - How did you hear about Gordon? I wonder who/what has taken care of Duzzy & Beauty. Not many would give the specialized care Duzzy requires.

    Shelly - The weather channel is showing more snow in your area. Hope you & yours are snug & warm.

    The kids are back at their respective schools just in time to get snowed in. I saw tonight that EA got 7.8 inches of snow in Ann Arbor today. She's young enough to cope - as I was at that age.

    I'm through with tests for the time being - maybe I'll have time for my veins to recover before they start me on more tests. I'm ready for a break from co-pays for sure.

    I have a daffodil blooming on the front deck & the hellebores are finally in bloom. I'm more than ready for spring to come.

    Hope everyone is warm & dry. Later.


  • Good evening friends.

    It appears our old pottie Gordon has passed away. He was having heart trouble in August and going into hospital and I had not heard or seen anything since. I can not find anything on his FB page.

  • Hi Potties! Thought I should check in before y'all decided I had died. Not a thing happening here. We seem to be alternating between rain & cold. I went out yesterday to feed the fish & found they had a thin ice roof. I made some holes so they could get to the food.

    Heading into a round of medical "stuff". That usually translates into "cost more". Still not feeling a bit different so hope all the news is unexciting.

    I took the bird feed out about mid-afternoon yesterday & heard something in the leaves. Took a good look & saw 3 deer on the east side of the ravine. I'd been worried since I haven't seen any deer in quite some time. Zac tells me we have coyotes moving into the area. I haven't seem or heard any but when I'm reading (which is most of the time) I lose track of the outside world.

    I don't know what possessed me but I've had most of the J.D. Robb "In Death" series sitting in a box in the bedroom for several years & finally decided since I couldn't remember which ones Bear had added, I might as well just reread all of them. Not counting the one I'm reading now, only have 3 to go. Once I'm through with those 3, hope to put a sign on the box & put it in the booth for $2/3 each. At least that would make a 12 x 12 inch space on the floor I haven't seen for years!

    I already have daffodils about 4 inches tall & believe I saw a small bud one on one. I'm more than ready for spring. Both kids are back up north after Christmas. I don't envy them one bit.....

    Everybody take care & try to stay warm. Later.

  • Morning! It's cold in Missouri!

    Shelly those requests for phone numbers seem to all be scammers on FB. I use good photos and description, just like when I was on eBay. I also check THEIR FB page and if it looks hinky I just move on. 80% of my "is it available" messages are legit. I usually sell right away but some just sit so I take them down and repost later. Never give out information till you are pretty sure you have a real person (checking their page really does help),
    Don't hold items if the person keeps making excuses (my cat/ car died, my mother in law showed up to visit, kids all have the flu)--though this could be true once or twice, some people love stringing us along.

    I have sold hundreds of items this way and an appalled I HAD so much stuff. No more.

  • OH KATIE, I trust Ebay as far as my money goes, but I follow the SPorts Cards have been buying some, But for the life of me I cannot understand why they let sellers of sports cards get away with selling Digital Cards.. That means they get nothing more then a picture someone has taken of a star player and transmitted it to someone else's email address and they can put a picture up on their computer.. How Dumb is that.. One has to watch to be sure they are buying teh real thing.. So many rules are being broken and Ebay does not seem to care.. as long as they get a cut of the pie...

  • HI KATIE. NOT sure what is going on with every one else.. they seem to have deserted us..

    My BD is really Dec 15th, I had to change my birthday when I had to make a new account on Face Book, they would not let me make a new account with all my old information.. Good Grief, so I chose the year my Dad was born, 1908.. Anyways Thanks for the Good Wishes, I can always use them..

    That sounds like a good price for your Tray.. I hope someone buys it from you who will enjoy it.. I have posted a few things to sell on FB, but I get more scam tries then I'd like to.. I have sold two items the first day I listed them.. but the rest just sets there.. Any clues or ideas to help another seller on FB? I Notice most that ask for my phone number just opened accounts for no reason, except to scam as they have nothing posted on there account page..

    I pray every one is well and not overly impacted by our weather.. For Dec & Jan, I am not complaining it has been pretty calm, a couple bad snow storms passed through but did not last more then a couple days.. and gone.. No snow lately, last Friday it was 52 another day it got up to 60* so I am liking that..

    Hope your staying warm, and Mike I hope he is doing ok, what is he doing to keep himself out of trouble? I need to get some laundry done, Terry says he needs socks.. I know he has a new pack up stairs in our bedroom, he has not worn yet.. Take care Katie, Meet you back here soon.. 😉

  • Morning all! The Wolf Moon was setting as the sun came up. Very pretty.

    Shelly yes, posted at $85 but probably would take $70. Or keep it! It is cobalt. I checked the green mark and it was used till 1901.

    I never use eBay anymore because after fees, packing time and expense, I do about as well on Facebook without all the trouble.

    As well I don't trust eBay. I started on eBay in 1998 when it was fun. Now it's all fake handbags and electronics.

  • KATIE just checked, there was a cobalt & gold tray of his sold for 50.00, another Floral one that sold for 76.00 and the rest in neighborhood of 30.00 ti 39.00 maybe some less, there are not a whole lot of them, but at least they are selling. .

  • HI KATIE, That tray looks like Flow Blue? is it Dark Blue? Very Nice, I do not recognize the name but by the shape I would say it is quite old.. Oh You did say late 1800, so its gilded gold as well.. Very nice, Hope someone gets it that loves it.. Have you done and ebay search to see How Wm. Guerin sells? Some of those perfume bottle collectors might love it..

  • Good foggy morning! Bad weather all around us but just rain here.

    Here is something I've decided to part with. Belonged to my late brother-in-law's aunt or great aunt. It's a lady's vanity tray, Wm. Guerin late 1800s.

  • I forgot to get black eyed peas! I guess I will have them and turkey bacon (can't eat anything mammal) later.

  • KATIE, So happy you have some family, Sons so close by and they seem to be a big help, I have two sons here, both willing to help when needed, but ones health is not all that great, but he helps out when he thinks he can handle it, and we do not even ask.. The other has his family and home to tend to, with a teen age GS they are raising so much of his time is with him, transporting and teaching.. So I try not to impose.. As long as we can do for ourselves we will.. Like you we have 2 others that are not close by, and being so far, they cannot make it every year.. One in Ga. one in Fl.. but they call.. We are Thankful.. Know you are too.. We are not yet ready to give away our furniture, when we pass or sell the house we will have an auction.. Unless the boys ask for something specific.. It seems at this point you have to make all of the decisions, So Whatever Works.. More Power to you!

    Went to sons last night DIL made Sauerkraut & Pork so we brought in the New Year with Good Luck Wishes.. Played Uno Attack and had a good time, rang in the New Year and came home.. I was in bed by 1:30 AM..

    Wishing all the best for Everyone Here, for a Great HappY New Year and Good Health..

  • Happy New Year, all!

    Shelly two of my boys are here several times a week. They help with yard, house, and their Dad. The others (daughter & husband, son and wife) come from Atlanta at least once a year, and the Kansas City one more often. I am very very lucky. Two showed up yesterday!!!

    Best of all (not really) they take things away! My entire lower level living room (huge) now only has one table, a trunk and one sofa. There is a recliner but it is scheduled for donation.

  • Hello Every Pottie. well its raining here today on this last day of 2022.. Yesterday it was sunshining and 52*My friends and I went out to eat at Golden Corral than to shop at the Christmas Tree Shop where I bought absolutely nothing, They had a lot of good sales, 50% off all holiday items.. but I needed nothing, or nothing hit my eye I could not live without.. I did look for a small clock to hang in bathroom, but nothing, Every thing was Large.. So the other girls bought some things and we were done for the day.. A great lunch with my friends.. One paid for us all (3). I got a BD card with lottery tickets in it, I won 9.00 haven't cashed it in, hoping to double my winnings or more.. LOL I got a beautiful lap blanket in all shades of purple.. I am a gifted lady.. thanks to both of my friends.. Tonight I am going to my sons to play games/cards or whatever.. Terry does not want to go.. so his loss. He is a munchkin.. Sets and watches TV and Munches.. can't hurt him any he is so thin..I am making two pots of Sauerkraut & Pork for new years.. one to take with me..

    So SUSAN, THank you for that link I will have to get one with Dual controls as Terry is always hot, and me the opposite.. I just have to decide which one.. I was not absolutely sure they made them.. I use to just turn on my electric blanket and it warmed the bed..
    So how are you doing now? Ok I hope.. and youir neighbors are they doing well? How about You Susan are you going to get a little rowdy tonight for New Years Eve? Do you ever play cards or anything with your neighbors? Maybe you could start a new trend..

    KATIE, How nice that your son came to see you.. How many sons do you have? This one seems awfully young, How nice that he remembers to come see his parents.. You must have good boys, raised them right! Mine are as well, but they do not come see Mom as much.. So busy with their own lives.. but they call often..I appreciate that.. having any friends over for New Years Eve?

    I love to play scrabble or Uno, or anything, mostly.. Thinking I am going to copy my son and DIL they have a card table set up in the living room so they can put puzzles together and still watch TV if they want to..Thats a good to pass time.. in the winter.

    Got an email from MAX the Insurance adjuster finally got there to look at their roof damage, not sure yet how that turned out.. I can well imagine, insurance Co. are pretty busy in Fl. getting them all checked out for damages..

    Well I just wanted to check in and wish EVERYONE, a Very Merry Happy New Year.. See you all next year..

  • Hi Potties!

    Shelly - We've had a king-sized, dual-control heated mattress pad for several years - believe me, I've used it this past week & the cats have been happy to join me. I found this listing on Amazon:


    Hope this helps!


  • Christmas Day with youngest, Jonathan.

  • Hope Everyone else is warm & cozy.. It is freezing here, including our Hot Water in the new bathroom.. so at least we have the cold water dripping to prevent those from freezing, Toilet flushes, so that is a Plus..

    Pray you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy, Happier New Year.. With Good Health..

    Quiet dinner at home yesterday, I bought a nice Tavern Ham No bone, all meat and not a lot of fat.. So every one ate hearty, today was sandwich day.

    We did not get a whole lot of snow, mostly wind, temps down to 1* not sure if it got below zero or not.. But my new Bedroom sure was cold.. I think I need to get a Mattress warming pad, if they make such a thing..

    SUSAN, your fish should be hibernating in a sleep mode being that cold. Me too, do not envy the people in Buffalo, thats only about 85 miles from us, but the wind must have taken all the snow North, into Upper NY.. You can check up on line about feeding fish in the winter.. I could be wrong but I do not think they eat much when its freezing.. Glad your pipes did not freeze, I keep worrying about mine.. I do not know how we would get at the plumbing..

    KATIE, How nice that your family came for the holiday and you got to go out and eat with them.. I got a couple gift cards from my sons, we still have some left we got last year.. Terry does not like to go on our busy Street, up near the Mall where most of the Restaurants are.. Maybe I will have to treat my friends.. I have many things here for my kids to take, but they want nothing..

    I haven't seen MARSON checking in, she is probably busy shoveling up there in Canada.. Hope she Checks in soon..

    and MAX what happened, did you lose your password again? Alternate Login Page on the right side where it asks if your having trouble logging in.. Maybe that will help..

    I pray GORDON is ok, He should know we worry about him, Its getting warmer in Australia, so he should be ok that way..


  • A belated Merry Christmas to all from the deep frozen south!

    Shelly - Hope you & yours are tucked in safe & warm. Sure don't envy the folks in Buffalo.

    My house heat dropped to 68 for about 24 hrs. Got lucky & no pipes froze - guess being up & using the water round the clock helped. Kept the birds fed - assume the fish have an ice roof but supposed to get fairly warm late tomorrow so will see if they've thawed out enough to be fed.

    Hope all are safe, warm & having water as needed. Later.


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